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6 Reminders When Taking Your Wife/Girlfriend to Stripper Bars

Do you have plans of taking your wife or girlfriend to Brisbane stripper bars this weekend? Most likely, you are both excited for this occasion. Maybe it is your date night or anniversary. Whatever it may be, having adult fun keeps the relationship bonds tight.

However, you must take precaution. For a great positive experience, you should take note of the following carefully.

Do not treat your woman like she is one of your best mates.

It is quite obvious. You cannot make your significant other feel like she is out of place in a testosterone filled den. Even if she loves watching other women strip and dance, this does not guarantee you that she will be pleased to see you fooling around.

She may sound cool with you getting a lap dance. She might even get excited. But still, remember to respect your woman regardless of how much temptation you are getting.

Only go when she wanted to.

When you have a wife and children, surely you have other things to keep in mind than clubbing. Yes, the last stripper you are with is unforgettable. But only go when your significant other wants to. In this way, you get to keep each other’s trust in the relationship. Besides, isn’t it well enough that you are getting more than what you are seeing at the topless bars?

Never ever get too drunk.

Drunken men can do a lot of stupid things. So, if you are at the Brisbane stripper bars with your wife or girlfriend, make sure that you keep sobered up. Furthermore, you will be driving home, so better be sure that your driving skills are still in check.

Get her approval.

It might sound like she’s taking your freedom away. Aren’t topless bars made for men to enjoy their freedom? Well, if you are with your significant other, you would not want to end the night with a fight. So, if a stripper invites you to a lap dance, simply wait for your partner’s approval. It is not cowardice. It is respect.

Pay in cash always.

Credit cards and cheques are not accepted in strip clubs. You should know that. And most especially, if you are at gentlemen clubs, be sure that you act like a real gentleman. You should not let your girlfriend or wife pay for your drinks and lap dance. Come on, the drinks and fun should be on you. Right?

Admit if you did something wrong.

Misbehaving at Brisbane stripper bars is quite normal. Maybe she caught you ogling at one of the beauties. Who shouldn’t? Men sure do fancy a barely clad Sheila. But when you are with your partner, do control your urges. Save it for later because it is sure that you will be both spiced up.

Taking your significant other to strip clubs is definitely fun. Just remember to take the aforementioned points in mind to stay out of trouble. When things go smoothly as planned, this new kind of experience will surely make your relationship even stronger.


What High End Strip Clubs in Brisbane Demand from Clients, Club Owners

Strip clubs are designed to encourage men to enjoy sexually suggestive situations with strippers and to openly express their sexuality and sexual attraction for a beautiful woman.

It’s also a place to enjoy a couple of drinks and bond with friends over pole dancing, stage performances, and lap dances.

Despite it being a place for sexual expression, strip clubs have its own etiquette that patrons must adhere to.

If you happen to be in one of the high end strip clubs Brisbane has, the more you have to follow club rules since they are selling upmarket services and better security and safety for the dancers.

What exactly does it take to visit and run a premier gentlemen’s club?

Follow strip club dress code

OMFG Adult Lounge, one of the high end strip clubs Brisbane has, requires clients to dress in a shirt with sleeves, shorts or pants, and wear covered shoes. Pretty simple, if you think about it.

So if you show up at the club wearing a singlet, shorts, and thongs, you’ll have to forgive the strip club security for denying you entry. Oh wait, you should be the one apologising for your lack of respect to the dressing etiquette.

Besides, putting extra effort to follow the dress code or even go far as wearing a suit will do you a ton of good. Strippers gravitate to men who dress sharp and look like the consummate gentleman.

If you smell as good as you look, then you’re going to have an unforgettable lap dance experience. The dancers will enjoy rubbing against someone who smells nice and delicious.

Offers ultimate comfort and quality

Strip club etiquette is not only required from club patrons but also the strip club itself.

If you are a club owner, you can only call yourself one of the high end strip clubs Brisbane has if you offer a venue designed for ultimate comfort and quality.

A visit to a strip club is a complete sensory experience, something you can deliver through upscale interior design, high-end furnishings, and extraordinary services.

How a club is built can add value to its reputation. So if you want to belong to the high-end market, you need to think fancy, elegant, and luxurious with the design of a strip club venue.

Meticulous care for staff and club

Working in a strip club is stressful, especially with the kind of people staff have to deal with. If only customers are always respectful and well-behaved, right?

Because strip clubs also attract unsavory characters, the staff is often tested to stay calm, tolerant, and patient.

On top of serving drinks and keeping drunks under control, people working the bar also has great responsibilities to keep the bar area and lounges clean.

Therefore, it is the club owner’s responsibility to take care of the staff who takes care of the club and its clients.

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Personality Traits of the Best Strippers in Brisbane

If you want to be one of the best strippers in Brisbane, you need to have the right attitude and personality traits.

Just like any other job, your personality will have an impact on your performance as a stripper. How you feel about your profession also dictates how your night at a strip club will start and end.

If you want to succeed in this line of work, you should be:


Being a stripper requires you to deal with different kinds of people and complete strangers. You need to be chatty, able to make friends easily, and happy to deal with new situations to satisfy the requirement.

You should be equipped with the tools needed to interact with other people–an easy smile, sunny disposition, and great confidence. The best strippers in Brisbane are not afraid to be noticed, so be confident to strut your stuff and draw attention on yourself.


It helps if you enjoy the good or fun things in life despite doing what most people would consider a degrading job, especially for a woman. The ability to have fun in different situations will get you places.

Such personality trait is also contagious and will rub off on your clients and co-workers. And when everyone is having fun, everything is all good.


You can be fun without being funny. But if you are both fun and funny, it will be easier to see the humour in any situation.

You will be fun company too, which will make you quite popular with strip club clients. Some of them visit strip clubs to forget about their worries, after all.


It’s one thing to be playful and another to be cheeky. Some men prefer their women to be upfront, bold, and impudent in a playful or appealing way.

Your cheekiness could appeal to them.

Just make sure to gauge if a client would welcome such attitude before you reveal your cheeky side.


In your line of work, you need to be open-minded to a lot of things, especially the more saucier and risqué things. In a club, a lot of the things that are said and done are rarely shown in a civilised setting. It sells hedonism and indulgence, after all.


Expect people to do and say hurtful things if you work in the adult entertainment industry. A client may pick another stripper over you for a lap dance, you could be yelled at, get into a fight with other strippers, and other incidents that will test your insecurities.

So stay strong and take everything in stride. Accept that being a stripper is a personal and emotional career choice. But if you do it right, you will be rewarded.

Think you have the personality traits to become one of the best strippers in Brisbane?

If you do, make sure to choose the right employer by asking the right questions.

  • How much is you cut for every dance?
  • Will you be given full support through your role, such as hair and makeup advice?
  • Will you receive training to help increase your nightly earnings?
  • Can you choose which nights of the week to work in?

Aim to get positive replies to all these questions.

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3 Basic Principles in Suiting Up for a Night at a Strip Club

Fortitude Valley strip clubs are places where you see beautiful ladies strip dancing for the pleasure of their guests. Be that as it may, they are also places where strippers dress up to impress everyone who wishes to hang out with them. Of course, these women would also like to entertain men who are well dressed.

With that said, you should make sure to look good with what you wear when going to these clubs. Here are some basic tips that you can pick up, especially when it is your first time:

  1. Go for casual wear.

It is okay if you do not feel like wearing a suit and tie, as being casual is the best way to go when dressing up for a night at a strip club in the Valley. Wearing your favourite button-down or polo shirt and pairing it with denim trousers will do just fine.

Also, remember to wear jeans or slacks instead of any type of shorts, as looking like a “boy next door” will not always work with strippers. Just leave wearing shorts for the beach or anywhere they are appropriate.

To avoid problems, check the club’s dress code if there is any.

  1. Stay classy with the suit and tie.

If you are just off from work and do not have the time to get home and change, it is still good to keep your office attire on. Most probably, you are wearing your suit, and it is still a great outfit for going to any Fortitude Valley strip clubs.

If you are wearing a tie, make sure to keep it tight. You will never know—you could pique the interest of one of the lovely strippers who might want to loosen it up for you during a lap dance!

  1. Avoid wearing apparel that is best suited somewhere else.

As previously implied, you should avoid wearing shorts to strip clubs. The same goes for sweatpants, sleeveless shirts, and sandals. These outfits are best set aside for the beach or the gym. You are trying to make an impression of a gentleman here, and not one who just like to show off his muscles.

Typically, you should also do your own research to know exactly the dress code of the strip clubs that you are going to. Even though most dress codes of Fortitude Valley strip clubs are casual, some clubs might have their own standards that you should follow.

Remember that you will always get the best treatment and have the best experience if you dress well in these places. So, dress like a gentleman, and not like an arrogant surfing bum!

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What Makes the Best Strip Club in All of Brisbane?

Planning on going out tonight? Visit the best strip club Brisbane has to offer and have the best time of your life. There are many clubs in the city, but unfortunately, not all establishments will meet the requirements to be included in the list of top local clubs. Some only offer mediocre services, and that could ruin all the fun you are expecting to have for the night. So, make sure you do your homework and find out what are the best spots to visit. That being said, here are the top factors to look for when hunting for the best strip clubs in Brisbane.

The Drinks

Does the club have the beverage you like to drink? This can greatly affect how much of a good time you’ll have at an adult club. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you would like it to be if your favourite bottle of beer or cocktail mix isn’t on the menu. Check the club’s online menu ahead of time and see if you’ll be happy with what they offer.

The Ladies

Do you like the type of ladies that will be entertaining you for the night? Part of the experience inside the club is seeing sexy women dancing in front of you. You get to see them striptease and bring your fantasies to life. So you want to make sure you can really enjoy what and who you’ll be watching, right? Check the gallery of the strip club you are planning to visit to see if you like the girls they have.

The Offers

What packages do they have? Do they offer VIP booths among other amenities? See what makes the place special in comparison with others. Visit a club that actually has something to offer other than liquor and a strip dance. There must be a reason why it earned a spot on the list for best strip club Brisbane wide. Read newsletters, look for ads or view promotions that you might find interesting.

The Security

On top of everything, you must consider your safety when inside the club. Are there guards, security cameras, and other safety measures in the vicinity? Likewise, you must also think of how they are dealing with privacy concerns. Are the VIP lounges actually exclusive to you and your guests? Do the bouncers take the security of the employees and their guests seriously? You need to make sure that the club is safe before you even consider visiting it.

In the end, it’s your preferences and needs that will ultimately determine which strip club to go to. The most important thing is to make sure you have a good time during your visit.

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Low Cost Stag Party Planning: How to Enjoy More and Spend Less

Weddings are undeniably expensive. There’s a lot of caterers and other underlying charges that you need to pay for before you can have your happy ever after. It can often drain the savings out of people. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take an extra buck for a very special bucks night Brisbane style. In fact, this is what you need to end your single life with a big bang.

You can easily get intimidated with the stories you hear from others as to how much they spent or how awesome their party was. You can make yours at par with theirs for a lesser budget when you know what to do. Check out these ideas that you might want for a stag night on a budget.

Game Night

On top of the list is a fun but inexpensive activity called game night. All you need are games in all forms; video games, physical games, board games, and the likes. You can single out the type of game you will be playing but, you can also mix it all out.

You don’t need to have prizes for the winners. It’s just a whole event of nonstop friendly competition. For the food, you can prepare some pick up dishes for everyone or you can call in for a pizza delivery. It’s a very laidback choice for a bachelor’s party.

Home Cooked Picnic

If you’re a big foodie, you can opt for a home cooked picnic. Prepare your favourite meals and share them with your closest mates. In fact, you can ask your buddies to come over and help you prepare everything. It’s going to be like a cook out session for all of you before the actual picnic. The best thing about this is that you only need to spend money on the food and possibly the drinks then you’re already set to have a fun time.

Camp Out

Spend your last moment as a single man having the best bucks night Brisbane has to give and what better way to do it than by spending your time outdoors. Prepare your gears and pack up for the most special camping experience in your life. There are plenty of recreational parks in Australia, particularly in the Brisbane area, that you can go in for a minimal to no charge at all. Exchange stories in front of the campfire, making unforgettable memories all through the night.

A bachelor’s party is something that you remember for the rest of your life. Have the best one by doing one of the suggestions above. Spend less and smile more on your special night.