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3 Basic Principles in Suiting Up for a Night at a Strip Club

Fortitude Valley strip clubs are places where you see beautiful ladies strip dancing for the pleasure of their guests. Be that as it may, they are also places where strippers dress up to impress everyone who wishes to hang out with them. Of course, these women would also like to entertain men who are well dressed.

With that said, you should make sure to look good with what you wear when going to these clubs. Here are some basic tips that you can pick up, especially when it is your first time:

  1. Go for casual wear.

It is okay if you do not feel like wearing a suit and tie, as being casual is the best way to go when dressing up for a night at a strip club in the Valley. Wearing your favourite button-down or polo shirt and pairing it with denim trousers will do just fine.

Also, remember to wear jeans or slacks instead of any type of shorts, as looking like a “boy next door” will not always work with strippers. Just leave wearing shorts for the beach or anywhere they are appropriate.

To avoid problems, check the club’s dress code if there is any.

  1. Stay classy with the suit and tie.

If you are just off from work and do not have the time to get home and change, it is still good to keep your office attire on. Most probably, you are wearing your suit, and it is still a great outfit for going to any Fortitude Valley strip clubs.

If you are wearing a tie, make sure to keep it tight. You will never know—you could pique the interest of one of the lovely strippers who might want to loosen it up for you during a lap dance!

  1. Avoid wearing apparel that is best suited somewhere else.

As previously implied, you should avoid wearing shorts to strip clubs. The same goes for sweatpants, sleeveless shirts, and sandals. These outfits are best set aside for the beach or the gym. You are trying to make an impression of a gentleman here, and not one who just like to show off his muscles.

Typically, you should also do your own research to know exactly the dress code of the strip clubs that you are going to. Even though most dress codes of Fortitude Valley strip clubs are casual, some clubs might have their own standards that you should follow.

Remember that you will always get the best treatment and have the best experience if you dress well in these places. So, dress like a gentleman, and not like an arrogant surfing bum!


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