6 Reminders When Taking Your Wife/Girlfriend to Stripper Bars

Do you have plans of taking your wife or girlfriend to Brisbane stripper bars this weekend? Most likely, you are both excited for this occasion. Maybe it is your date night or anniversary. Whatever it may be, having adult fun keeps the relationship bonds tight.

However, you must take precaution. For a great positive experience, you should take note of the following carefully.

Do not treat your woman like she is one of your best mates.

It is quite obvious. You cannot make your significant other feel like she is out of place in a testosterone filled den. Even if she loves watching other women strip and dance, this does not guarantee you that she will be pleased to see you fooling around.

She may sound cool with you getting a lap dance. She might even get excited. But still, remember to respect your woman regardless of how much temptation you are getting.

Only go when she wanted to.

When you have a wife and children, surely you have other things to keep in mind than clubbing. Yes, the last stripper you are with is unforgettable. But only go when your significant other wants to. In this way, you get to keep each other’s trust in the relationship. Besides, isn’t it well enough that you are getting more than what you are seeing at the topless bars?

Never ever get too drunk.

Drunken men can do a lot of stupid things. So, if you are at the Brisbane stripper bars with your wife or girlfriend, make sure that you keep sobered up. Furthermore, you will be driving home, so better be sure that your driving skills are still in check.

Get her approval.

It might sound like she’s taking your freedom away. Aren’t topless bars made for men to enjoy their freedom? Well, if you are with your significant other, you would not want to end the night with a fight. So, if a stripper invites you to a lap dance, simply wait for your partner’s approval. It is not cowardice. It is respect.

Pay in cash always.

Credit cards and cheques are not accepted in strip clubs. You should know that. And most especially, if you are at gentlemen clubs, be sure that you act like a real gentleman. You should not let your girlfriend or wife pay for your drinks and lap dance. Come on, the drinks and fun should be on you. Right?

Admit if you did something wrong.

Misbehaving at Brisbane stripper bars is quite normal. Maybe she caught you ogling at one of the beauties. Who shouldn’t? Men sure do fancy a barely clad Sheila. But when you are with your partner, do control your urges. Save it for later because it is sure that you will be both spiced up.

Taking your significant other to strip clubs is definitely fun. Just remember to take the aforementioned points in mind to stay out of trouble. When things go smoothly as planned, this new kind of experience will surely make your relationship even stronger.

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