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Personality Traits of the Best Strippers in Brisbane

If you want to be one of the best strippers in Brisbane, you need to have the right attitude and personality traits.

Just like any other job, your personality will have an impact on your performance as a stripper. How you feel about your profession also dictates how your night at a strip club will start and end.

If you want to succeed in this line of work, you should be:


Being a stripper requires you to deal with different kinds of people and complete strangers. You need to be chatty, able to make friends easily, and happy to deal with new situations to satisfy the requirement.

You should be equipped with the tools needed to interact with other people–an easy smile, sunny disposition, and great confidence. The best strippers in Brisbane are not afraid to be noticed, so be confident to strut your stuff and draw attention on yourself.


It helps if you enjoy the good or fun things in life despite doing what most people would consider a degrading job, especially for a woman. The ability to have fun in different situations will get you places.

Such personality trait is also contagious and will rub off on your clients and co-workers. And when everyone is having fun, everything is all good.


You can be fun without being funny. But if you are both fun and funny, it will be easier to see the humour in any situation.

You will be fun company too, which will make you quite popular with strip club clients. Some of them visit strip clubs to forget about their worries, after all.


It’s one thing to be playful and another to be cheeky. Some men prefer their women to be upfront, bold, and impudent in a playful or appealing way.

Your cheekiness could appeal to them.

Just make sure to gauge if a client would welcome such attitude before you reveal your cheeky side.


In your line of work, you need to be open-minded to a lot of things, especially the more saucier and risqué things. In a club, a lot of the things that are said and done are rarely shown in a civilised setting. It sells hedonism and indulgence, after all.


Expect people to do and say hurtful things if you work in the adult entertainment industry. A client may pick another stripper over you for a lap dance, you could be yelled at, get into a fight with other strippers, and other incidents that will test your insecurities.

So stay strong and take everything in stride. Accept that being a stripper is a personal and emotional career choice. But if you do it right, you will be rewarded.

Think you have the personality traits to become one of the best strippers in Brisbane?

If you do, make sure to choose the right employer by asking the right questions.

  • How much is you cut for every dance?
  • Will you be given full support through your role, such as hair and makeup advice?
  • Will you receive training to help increase your nightly earnings?
  • Can you choose which nights of the week to work in?

Aim to get positive replies to all these questions.


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